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Having a go, with Hugo
Mar 29, 2018
4 minutes read

Well, it has been a long time coming but I thought I should take some time out from my now very busy schedule 1 to fix up my personal website. The way it is now set up is such that it should encourage me to spend some more time writing about various things - both personal and work related. After all, if I write as much as I do at work, why wouldn’t I do it on the web as well?

Before I go in to why using Hugo will lead me to write more, let me first give a quick history of my presence on the Internet. I first published a personal website circa 2002 on the now-defunct – or was it, who knows? Combined with a free, ad-supported webhost, it was not pretty, but it did the job for some fun stuff I made while back at the end of primary and beginning of high school.

The next move was in 2007 2 when I acquired 3 as a domain name. I moved to more reputable paid hosting within Australia at this time, and published information about the software development work that I did, alongside some personal stuff.

Over the interloping decade or so until now, became my business website for IT consulting. It went through a variety of theme changes, as well as being eventually migrated to WordPress, until it landed on a blank WordPress theme that I wanted to skin. I never got around to that, nor did I get around to properly configuring Let’s Encrypt on the website - so it languished with a broken certificate.

That is why I have decided to fix things up now. I can now generate wildcard certificates with certbot so I figured this was a good time to fix up my website - ironically, I have removed almost all subdomains now.

The move to Hugo was chosen due to the speed and ease of generating a new website. As Hugo uses git commits of Markdown files, I can easily push content from my PC. The static nature also makes it easier to manage from the web server point of view - since I spend so much of my time doing that for pay, it is certainly no fun doing it on my own.

In between, (footnote 4) was registered for my personal blog. It also started off with WordPress and became quite respectable, although I gave up after a while due to spending so much time updating the website and fiddling with the theme. Eventually, I moved the site to Tumblr before also giving up on that - Tumblr became a place with it’s own subculture and not suitable for a site like this.

Am I going to move over any of the content from the old site? No - it’s either garbage, or hasn’t been accessed for years so can’t be that useful. Of course, I will personally keep a copy, so you’ll have to contact me if you do want any of it.

There’s probably more I have forgotten, but I see no need to write it. Heck, this is already way too much information for what is back-of-the-server information, but in case anyone is curious here it is. After all, I have had more than one person comment about my work online in real life, so it is likely a great way to confirm the suspicions of those who may have them that this is indeed the same old(er) me.


Apparently this theme in Hugo can’t render footnotes correctly, at least as of yet. Hence, they’ll be placed here until I can come back and fix them.

  1. That is honestly not meant to be a #humblebrag, but I can see how it could appear as one.
  2. At least that I can remember a decade on. Some things might have changed in between, but the gist of the ‘on the cheap’ hosting stayed inbetween.
  3. With many thanks to my parents for purchasing it, as I was not of legal age at the time.
  4. That should redirect to this website now, as should Excellent.

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